How Landscape Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value

How-Landscape-Lighting-Can-Increase-Your-Home's-ValueAs the provider of wiring and residential and commercial electrical services, we tend to get asked many questions regarding organizing wires. An interesting question that we came across in our inbox is how we could help a client increase the value of their home with our electrical services.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to increase the value of your home- install landscape lighting!

Landscape lighting is one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways of sprucing up your home. According to a LawnStarter, updating your landscaping with lighting generally results in a 100% average return on investment.

How, you ask? Well, there are three ways landscape lighting can help increase your home’s value.

#1) Increasing Curb Appeal

Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you how an attractive exterior can make or break a home sale. In comparison to mulch and flowers, lighting is more cost-effective. After all, you don’t need to put much time and effort into maintaining lights all year long.

Moreover, you can be quite creative with lighting. From simply showcasing your garden to illuminating the path to your pool, all the way to creating themes like a tropical paradise- you are only limited by your creativity.

#2) Enhancing Your Safety While Moving Around Outdoors

In addition to aesthetics, outdoor lighting can boost the safety of your yard in numerous ways. For instance, using underwater lights in your pool or in ground lights around the pathways of your backyard can prevent you, your family, and prospective buyers from slipping and falling.

Adding lights that detect motion are also an excellent way to ensure that you have sufficient light while doing tasks such as taking out the garbage at night.  This spares you (and the future owners) from switching on and off the lights or falling as you head outside.

#3) Increasing the Overall Security of the House

Adding outdoor security lighting goes beyond enhancing the overall appeal of your house- it also increases your security. In addition to ensuring that you don’t slip in your own backyard, motion sensors with a good range can deter thieves and vandals from targeting your home. Similarly, intruders such as raccoons and skunks will likely be deterred by well-placed lights.

Before you rush to invest in landscape lighting, you need to have an overall landscape plan. Just planting a few bushes won’t do. You may need to add some structural features such as fences, garden paths, and small ponds. That way, you can plan to accentuate other garden features.

If you’re worried about these expenses, don’t. Potential home buyers will pay 11.3% above the asking price if you have done a brilliant job on your house’s landscaping (which includes lighting).

Therefore, consult with a professional landscape architect before working on lighting as they will help you improve the overall appearance of your landscape and ensure better lighting for your patio, deck, and driveway of your house.

The team at Columbia Basin Satellite will be more than happy to talk with you about your options. So, get in touch with our team and let us work together on increasing the value of your house.